Tuesday, October 22, 2013

How to make a million a month from Network marketing

When the term ‘Network Marketing’ is mentioned especially in Nigeria, the first thing that comes to mind is carrying products in handbags, little baskets, or ‘ghana-must-go’ bags and trying to convince people to buy what they probably do not need.
“We have discovered a way a person can learn how to ‘Own their life’ by building a home-based business; and we have a system for doing it that is so simple anyone can do it. It doesn’t require selling, and the best part is it won’t take much of your time. If you are interested, I will get you some information.” Read on!

I want to show you how you can make a million a month within your first year in Network marketing and continually without selling a product or trying to convince anybody.
The good thing about the right network marketing which I am about to show you is, anybody can do it. Working class, government officials, professionals like doctors, lawyers, etc, without any interference with their jobs/businesses.  House wives can do it, young graduates seeking for jobs, just about anybody.  
With network marketing strategy I am about to show you, you can build a reliable PLAN B for residual income that will go as far as to serve you as a great retirement plan. You can totally change your lifestyle and start to achieve your dreams, even the dreams you cut down because you never thought you could achieve them again. E.g. traveling the world, dream home, dream cars, etc.
Step 1: A Strategy
Identify a simple proven strategy to enable you build residual income business with little or no financial risk in your spare time. Without the right strategy, you cannot go far in network marketing. You have to identify the right, simple, and proven strategy to follow in a way it does not interfere with your job/business.
Step 2: Support Group
Identify a positive support group probably a business group or club with a proven track record of success and support infrastructure that provides you with effective trainings, sponsoring and mentoring on exactly how to build a simple residual income business.
The key to the right network marketing and continual residual income flow is working as a team. A good support group will train and mentor you how to build your team with little efforts and always provide you with support.
Step 3: Choosing the Ideal Company to partner with (your paymaster)
This is very important. There are many network marketing company out there, but which one is the ideal company for you to partner with. Which company will pay you best? Choosing your paymaster is just about the magic. Identify and partner with a reputable global company that offer individuals great opportunities through their reward schemes in exchange for being their brand ambassador (your loyal patronage and subsequent successful referral of your friends, relations and acquaintances)
Step 4: Leveraging
LEVERAGE the support and proven system already put in place by your chosen business group or club plus those of the compensation plan provided by your company of choice; creatively combine both to gradually build a residual income generating business for yourself and family forever.
Step 5: Brand switch.
When you are partnering with a company which becomes your paymasters in the network marketing business, you have to start using their products for yourself. You become their brand ambassador. For the best result, I suggest you choose to work with a company that manufactures daily consumables.
When that is done, it simply means you will convert your usual monthly expense on your daily consumables (buy theirs only). You totally switch your brand. Remember you are getting a cash bonuses and volume bonuses on every purchase you make with the company. You affect a brand switch and refer your social network to use company products as well. You don’t sell products; you only build a team of buyers, a system which moves goods faster from the company’s warehouse.

Don’t worry, I have figured all the above out for you, all you need to do is show interest and I will work with you free of charge wherever you are without having to meet physically.
Choosing the right strategy, a dependable business group or club, the right company, affecting a brand switch and getting your social network (friends, relatives, colleagues, others) to take the same decision. The compensation you and your friends receive can be transformed into a fantastic and dependable residual income business that will gradually grow to a million naira ($6,250) monthly within a year.
Remember you are not paying me a dime for this information or for working with me. It’s all free.
To help you make a million a month in less than 12 months from today in the network marketing business, we have done the greatest task of it all by
1.       Identifying a simple proven strategy
2.       Identifying the right business club to train and mentor you to success all FOR FREE
3.       Identifying the right company, which is ultimately the best paying in the network marketing industry today.
4.       Putting together a proven strategy and structure that teaches you how to leverage your social network for great reward.
5.       Making available our proven strategy, structure, and mentorship at your disposal for free.
With our proven business strategy, you can build a fortune for yourself. You can start earning a residual income of over a million naira monthly 12 months from today. It could be 8 months. We teach you how to work smart for money instead of working hard for money.

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